Helping people return to work

8 May 2018 – PG Flow Solutions’ facility in Sande, Vestfold, has entered into a cooperation agreement with local work inclusion company Fønix AS to provide relevant vocational training for individuals who find it challenging to find employment through regular recruitment processes.

Fønix AS is a company dedicated to helping unemployed people return to work. Last year, the company secured 1,465 people employment in Vestfold alone.

“Through a hospitation agreement with Fønix, PG Flow Solutions can provide job-seekers with valuable work experience, while PG benefits from motivated individuals who are keen to return to full time employment,” says Anja Fagerås, HR manager at PG Flow Solutions.

After meeting Fønix AS for the first time in January this year, PG Flow Solutions has already brought two people in for work experience. Williams, who has commenced a qualification within industrial machine operation and maintenance, will gain valuable work experience as a mechanic. In addition, Håkon, who formerly worked as a lorry driver, has started working at the warehouse of the company’s Sande facility.

“We hope that this will prove mutually beneficial for both parties, and that it could be the beginning of a broader cooperation,” says Fagerås.