PG completes separator delivery

11 October 2017 – PG Flow Solutions (PG) has successfully completed the delivery of a TEST CELL (liquid-gas separator) for Statoil’s research and test centre at the Herøya Industrial Park in Norway.

The contract was signed in June with delivery completed on-time this autumn.

PG Flow Solutions’ scope of work was engineering, FEM structural analysis including PED (pressure equipment directive) approval, production drawings, plus production welding and testing according to NORSOK standards. The test cell was tested for pressures up to 188 bar.

“As this is technology for Statoil’s test centre, we cannot go in detail about what it contains. However, we can share that it is exciting technology for a highly interesting application. PG is one of the world’s most competent integrators of industrial flow solutions and Statoil has informed us that this competence was a good match for this specific project,” says Tom-Erik Svendsen, sales manager – industry, at PG Flow Solutions.

Statoil’s operations at Herøya Industrial Park include research, technology, project activities and support services. Among the research activities Statoil conducts at the site is separation and process technology, multi-phase technology and gas technology.