PG sterilises Aasta Hansteen’s water

PG Flow Solutions recently supplied a hypochlorite pump skid for Statoil’s Aasta Hansteen platform, following the delivery of the large chemical injection module and sump pump packages to the same installation in 2015.

The latest delivery was made as part of a subcontractor agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries, which has been responsible for constructing both the Aasta Hansteen SPAR substructure and the platform topside.

“Our hypochlorite pump system consist of a membrane pump that is used to inject small amounts of hypochlorite in the freshwater that is supplied to the platform from PSVs, in order to fully sterilise the water before human consumption. We have a long track record of supplying systems like this to offshore platforms,” says Kevin Rose, PG’s project manager for the delivery.

Hypochlorite is highly corrosive, so all the “wetted parts” are fabricated in titanium to avoid corrosion, and meet the lifetime demands for the equipment.

The skid mounted pump system was recently delivered to the Aasta Hansteen platform after a hectic build period. The platform is currently located at Digernessundet, Stord, Norway, before being towed to the field later this spring.