Pump it up at Herøya

24 October 2017 – As the first of two deliveries to Statoil’s research and test centre at the Herøya Industrial Park this summer and autumn, PG Flow Solutions (PG) recently supplied multiphase pump systems and barrier fluid system to the test centre.

As part of the delivery in question, PG supplied two high-pressure twin screw multiphase pumps (API 676) and a barrier fluid system. The oil & water multiphase pumps are engineered to accommodate a wide range of operating scenarios and have the flexibility to operate between 480 to 1680 rpm (revolutions per minute) and pressures from 0 to 115 bar.

“Statoil is a world leader when it comes to driving the development of smarter solutions and breaking technological barriers, so being picked as a supplier to its test centre is a stamp of approval in itself. It is exciting to be involved in these groundbreaking projects,” says Ørjan Store-Valen, project manager at PG Flow Solutions.

The pumps and barrier fluid system were delivered to Statoil’s multiphase test rig at Herøya. They contained specially engineered mechanical seals to accommodate system flexibility.

Statoil’s operations at Herøya Industrial Park include research, technology, project activities and support services. Among the research activities Statoil conducts at the site is separation and process technology, multi-phase technology and gas technology.

PG Flow Solutions has also recently completed the delivery of a liquid-gas separator to Statoil’s research and test centre at Herøya Industrial Park.